GIS Services & analysis

We specialize in GIS support for both public and private sector businesses. We also specialize in spatial data collecting, analysis, and production. Our expertise in surveying, georeferencing, digitization, data manipulation, and GIS structure and development provides high-quality digital raster images, computer-aided drafting, and spatially-oriented vector data for GIS software applications.

(a) Map Digitization:
Digitization of maps using vector GIS and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) systems, scanning, raster -vector-raster conversion, map joining, and attribute attachment.

(b) Sattelite Imagery Interpretation:
Identification of the sort of satellite imagery needed, as well as acquisition, improvement, interpretation, classification, and the creation of satellite image maps.

(c) GIS Cloud & Database Services:
GIS databases with thematic map layers such as land use, soils, elevation, geology, slope, roads, ground, water, evapotranspiration, watershed, and river flow models.